Profit Margin Analysis


Mark Seller – Seven Traits of a Value Investor



EEDAR – Deconstructing Mobile Gaming 2014

EEDAR – Deconstructing the PC Free-To-Play Market 2015

EEDAR – PC Peripheral Market 2015


Michael J. Mauboussin

Untangling Skill and Luck

Safal Niveshak

Investorens Manifest

Why Not to Speculate During Bull Markets – Lessons from Newton and Druckenmiller


Walter Schloss

Experience (Forbes article)

Factors to Make Money in the Stock Market


Warren Buffett

The Super Investors of Graham-and-Doddsville

Warren Buffett on Mr. Market

Mr. Buffett On The Stock Market – 1999 Interview with Carol Loomis

Mr. Buffett On The Stock Market – 2001 Interview with Carol Loomis


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